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Definition: someone who is restricted on leaving area (Cage, weight, etc)

- Hostages are not to be tranq'd more than 50% (max 1hr) of the time.

- A hostage is to be only taken for up-to 2 hours, then must be released once the 2 hours has expired.

- You are not permitted to take the same player hostage for at-least 24 hours (but can be killed).

- If the tribe who detained the prisoner all log off, they must release/kill the player.

- Once you have a hostage, you are required to announce "_____ is now a hostage". This creates a public record of when the timer starts, failure to do this can result in a player choosing any of your dinos as compensation if the timer goes beyond 2hrs (proof required by prisoner).

- Players below level 20 cannot be caged.
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